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Almost have fallen asleep on their bedstead, Cristin received the perfect Christmas present from her high school companion and now husband, Alexis. Wild peonies were hardly yet tenderly blooming. They were blooming for her, like they bloomed for him. A wedding proposal and a promise for a holiday trip in Santorini, both incorporated and revealed in their destination minimal wedding in Santorini!
A rustic, hilltop spot of Rocabella Santorini Hotel and Spa, could not seize better their sense, for a lowkey wedding ceremony and venue. Paralleling to the Cycladic traditional plain lines, which profoundly surround the volcano of Thira, the wedding settlements by wedding planner Katerina Ntini, embroidered exquisitely their dream for that day. Pearly flowers, green leaves, and chalky candles dotted the scenery where the beloved couple would change vows of eternal love and devotion. The wild white peonies have finally bloomed for her. Cristin’s flower bouquet was embellished by them and poured out the fragrance and scent of that memorable moment when the proposal and promise from Alexis took place. Within a delicate, heavenly, ethereal wedding dress, the bride anticipates performing her dreamy aspiration, while the groom awaits in his breezy suit to fulfill his promises. Reflectors below flora and elegant gold details made those moments sparkle and shine, accompanying their dear friends’ and families’ abundant fidelity and love. Seizing such elegant and imposing images, as a Destination Wedding Photographer in Santorini, was a phenomenon worth waiting, for a wild peony to bloom again!

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