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Same sex wedding in Santorini

She has never seen her looking so lovely as she did that night, she has never seen her shine so bright. A year after, in a place of eternal natural beauty, now a promise comes true.

Perrin and Carleigh were looking for a little romance, without pompous lines, so they planned their destination wedding in Santorini, where love is love! Only as a red blossoming bougainvillea, could their wedding ceremony be. On the top of La Maltese Venue, they have never seen each other’s dresses they were wearing, before the time came, to exchange vows of eternal love and trust! The lady in red, playing the harp, welcomed everyone, in the rustic, romantically lite and extraordinary chic wedding settlement. Embellished with gold auric fine points, pink-rose flowers, green leaves and touches in pastel chromatism, their wedding venue evolved into the residence of laughter and emotional declaration. But hardly she knows, this beauty by her side, she’ll never forget the way she looked that night. It was the final sound of the sunset in Santorini, which gave the way to an amazing wedding party. They’ve never seen so many people wanted to laugh and smile and be by their side. When family and friends turned to them and smile, it took their breath away. Such a feeling of complete and utter love, as they did that night, they’ll never forget, like the acronym LGBTQ, which empowered them to share this moment! Capturing such a blossoming wedding in Santorini, as their destination wedding photographer, I would never expect!

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