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Hindu wedding in Athens

Indian wedding traditions vary, include many accessories, outfits, jewelry, and guest dresses. Being an Indian wedding photographer, in probably the best wedding venues in Athens, as in Grand Resort Lagonissi and Pyrgos Petreza,was an absolute dream. In one of the best Indian wedding celebrations in Athens like that one, three days unveiled in maybe the best way possible, since the destination wedding planner, our personal wedding advisor,

All Indian wedding rituals included attributes to the Indian and Family Heritage, as they celebrated the new wedding. Hindu hand paintings, at the Mehndi ritual, with henna by the traditional Henna artists was a personal wedding highlight to photograph.At the Haldi ceremony, all were dressed in white and gold dresses. Around were colorful floral arrangements, flower garlands and bespoke flourishing creations! Hindu Ceremony was followed by a luxurious reception and traditional Indian food. On the third day, we witnessed the magical garland Exchange, called ‘Jai Mala’. During the Jai Mala, a fire was set in front of them, where the couple threw rice during the ‘Agni Puja’ followed by the ‘Mangal Fera’, when they circled around the fire.  Groom and bride entrances are named differently. The groom entered with guests and the Indian band playing, a ritual named ‘The Baraat’ or ‘Jaan’ and the bride’s is named ‘Kanya Aagman’. After photographing all the traditional Indian wedding customs like the Havan, or the Akhand Saubhagyavati (Blessings from married women), the western ceremony took place. That was also followed by the best wedding dinner and party inside the Grand Resort Lagonissi, we could ever ask for!

Having the privilege to be the Photographer of that Indian Destination Wedding in Athens, Greece, is my new business and personal accolade!

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Wedding In Lake Como

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