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Wedding in Margi Farm Athens

Above a high mountain top, on a skiing vacation, a wedding proposal took place, that of Scott to Abby. But she should know, when it gets cold, she is not alone, he’ll melt the snow. Some nights the could hear the water running from the high hills to the valleys until itindulged into the sea

A dream for an iconic holiday wedding, like a love at first, is summertime. A natural rustic wedding, like that dream, could only take place in Greece. The warm days are still coming above the Athenian Riviera. Where the water touches the shore, at Ark venue, their pre-wedding dinner assembled their friends for what would go on the upcoming days. Where the water is being touched, on a boat trip among the eternal blue sea, guests took pleasure and a glimpse of the couple’s dream destination wedding. Through the valley of Margi Farm, an open-air wedding ceremony setting, with sun-kissed olive trees, white ribbons, pearly flowers, chalky roses, flattered by the light warm breeze, and a wooden cathedral raised. Below their union triumph, the beloved couple changed vows and lead to the Island Private House. ‘Let the loving sparkle’ throughout their wedding party night! But now she knows, when it gets again too cold, she is not alone, he is there to melt the snow.

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