They told us a story before it told itself. They laid out all their reasons for loving to the end.
We got some expectations and proven to be small, to what was ‘heard’ as their sweet
fairytale wedding in Zakynthos.
Like a song from a secret garden, a wildflower blooms so exquisitely to embellish her
wedding bouquet. Matching her Atelier Loukia, wedding gown, Katerina seized as a clutch,
wild white paeonies and cherishes like that, Konstantinos’ sentimental declaration before
their union. Arriving in a green antique car, with a romantic aethereal dressing breeze, the
central figure of the day, the bride, attends friends and family surrounding of the church,
with abundant delight and wonder to enjoy and applause the very happy end.
The song from the secret garden spoke out elegant, chic, dreamy details with pale pink
touches. Tabled blush and green hydrangeas, miniature pinky roses and chalky alike roses
flora, greeted beloved companions and dear relatives to their sparkly wedding party, which
lightened up that fairy day. Like gold dust, the music sounds at their wedding affair venue,
glittered the summer atmosphere, and voiced each one’s thoughts for a Greek wedding
celebration, with plates breaking and endless dancing!
Yet, by apprehending such moments, with the honor of the destination wedding
photographer, the sincere wish for them, is to always observe the eternal calming blue,
among their common life pathway.